What is a lease extension

The legal document allows a person to extend the limit of his or her rental agreement. In the lease extension document, the following things should be mentioned:

• Name of the parties between whom the agreement is taking place

• The date of the beginning and ending of extension

• The reference of the old document according to which the lease has been extended

In the case of a lease extension, the payment of the lease can alter time to time. If you are looking for purchase of freehold by leaseholder, make sure that you consult a person that will provide you with the right lease extension.

If you are deciding to get a residential lease extension then you must complete the following important tasks before beginning the procedure:

• You must check the eligibility of the landlord

• Select your lease extension advisor

• Have an access to the premium

• You must establish the required finance

• Collect the information about the purchase of freehold by leaseholder

• Prepare the legal notice

• Prepare for the procedure

Make sure that none of the above-mentioned subjects are neglected. Once the notice is issued the procedure will begin. You must meet the deadlines and requirements to get the extension.

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